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Welcome to our world... There will Be Geek is three occasionally knowledgeable long-term geeks wittering on about our favourite subjects, opining on things that make us happy/sad/interested/annoyed, and occasionally shining a light into the darker recesses of all things Geek. Enjoy!
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Apr 11, 2019

This week, we've got to drag this one back to the precinct because the Lieutenant is breaking our balls. We're playing it by our own rules, busting the bad guys and chasing them down back alleys full of boxes and produce. Yes, for Episode 5-0 we're looking at Police Procedurals. We look at our favourite examples of the genre, and ask why they hold such fascination for us.

Plus Chani's jonesing for Borderlands, Cav's only joking, and Mike says the magic word.

Game be the game.


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Fuck scene



Mar 1, 2019

Do you like horror franchises? This week we have a doozy. Arnold Scwarzenegger as the Final Girl, Bill Paxton as annoying-douchebag-who-gets-killed, Topher Grace as Really? Him? and Olivia Munn being officially done with this shit.

Yes. It's the various permutations of Predator. We go as deep as we can stomach, and sometimes deeper than that.

Plus Cav gets Mouldy and Piratey, Mike gets into Ninja Sex, and Chani has epic ranty beef with RDR2.

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Feb 17, 2019

This week we look at the often unsung heroes of small and silver screen, the Character Actor. We salute our favourite examples, and look at what makes them good at what they do.


Plus, Cav fiddles with his Dragonballs, Mike enjoys Discovery, and Chani goes Mads for Polar.


One of these days, the puns might get better. But today is not that day.

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Dec 31, 2018

For the last episode of 2018, we wanted to talk about all of the things we've loved in the world of popular culture this year. We talk about our picks from the worlds of Gaming, TV and Film, with some expected and some surprising choices.

There's cowboys, spies, assassins, custard cream enthusiasts, and all points in between.


Here's wishing you a happy new year, ans we look forward to seeing you again in 2019!


Dec 13, 2018

This week, we return triumphant to kick over the nativity scene, proposition the Carol singers and give Santa a wedgie. We look into the very worst pop culture offerings that Christmas has to offer, be it TV, Film or Music, getting our urchin hands dirty so you don't have to.

Plus Chani gets her cowboy on, Cav breaks the earth, and Mike goes gooey over thirteen.


Ho Ho Ho fuckers.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Broken Earth Trilogy

Doctor Who

Aug 12, 2018

...and then there was everything else.


This week, we look at the creditable failures, the blind alleys, and the baffling dumpster fires that constitute everything in the Terminator franchise after Terminator 2. We take a closer look at the films, the TV show, the games, and the toy line (yes, really). We also take a look at "Music Inspired By" the franchise (yes, really; check this out), and pull no punches in our analysis of everything Terminator after 1991.

Plus Cav makes Crab Cakes, Chani fondles a Cougar, and Mike gets excited about a bald captain.

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Clutch - Hot Bottom Feeder

Far Cry 5

Sir Patrick Stewart - Star Trek Announcement

Aug 6, 2018

This week, your Geek Resistance Heroes are sending noble warriors back in time to 1984 and 1991, desperately trying to rescue Sarah and John Connor. We talk about where it all began for the Terminator films, and we start with the two offerings that arguable define the franchise. There's Naked Arnie. There's prop-based puns. There's irritating children. What more could you ask for?

Plus Cav wants to Glass you, Chani's feeling Mythical, and Mike can;t wait to Cleave.


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Jun 16, 2018

This week, we dissect Solo: A Star Wars Story. Plus Mike feels the need, Chani and games might fall out, and Cav gets his promotional rant on.




May 26, 2018

"Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the southern hemisphere lies a small unregarded podcast. Presenting this podcast for a period of roughly two years are a group of ape-descended life forms who - with the exception of Chani - are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea..."*

Today we release Episode 42, and there was really only one thing we could talk about. So we present to you our take on the works of that most glorious, frustrating, hoopiest of froods, Douglas Adams.

Plus Cav gets Manic, Chani starts Following, and Mike is Alluding to another podcast altogether...


(* with apologies to a much better writer)


Links: (even has a reference to Cav!)





May 12, 2018

There are certain dates every year that the Geek Calendar can be set by; your local big convention, the first of the big tentpole blockbusters, San Diego ComiCon, and so on. Free Comic Book Day has firmly established itself as one of these the world over, so on May 5th, we popped down to All Star Comics here in glamourous Melbourne to see what delights awaited us. We then hotfooted it back to TWBG Towers to read, digest, and then record this episode based on what we found. There were secret agents, robot dogs, preludes to war, and utter batshit insanity. And that's just the comics.


Plus in our Thimble of Win, Chani gets lost in the Ink Machine, and Mike and Cav get some serious Avenging in (so, potential spoilers).


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May 6, 2018

This week, we debate all things Vampire - where do they come from, what is it that appeals about them, which are the best examples of the genre and so on. We pick out our favorite bloodsuckers, and those we'd rather stake out on a tropical island at noon. And there's bonus Nicholas Cage.


Plus Chani wants the kids to get off her lawn, Cav gets all piratey, and Mike is up to something fishy...


Beaver Piñata!




Apr 22, 2018

This week, we explore the world of internet challenges, from condoms, to laundry pods, to ice buckets, and all of the other nonsense in between. Plus, we give a big shout out to Steven Taylor, doing yet another insane bike challenge charity fundraiser ride. More details below.


And in the thimble of win, Cav waxes lyrical on Steve Buscemi, is underwhelmed by rimming, and Chani pats all the dogs.




Apr 18, 2018

Welcome back to our short mini-episode, where we review Ready Player One.


Let's just say...reactions were mixed.

Apr 1, 2018

This week, we debate the issues surrounding Physical vs. Digital Media. Is it better to own a physical object outright, or are we OK with digital versions of our favourite books, films, or music. And what of Cloud Storage and subscription fees? We give the whole shebang a once over.

Plus our Thimble of Win deals with Banjo LARP, Non-Verbal Amish Sci-Fi, Cowboys, Space Jockeys, and Art-House Powered People.






Mar 18, 2018

With the forthcoming release of Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One, we thought is might be a good idea to revisit the novel, and see if it really was as good as the first pass led us to believe.

Yeah. About that...

We talk about the limits of nostalgia, terrible marketing, bad writing, and how far a gimmick will get you. Plus there's our regular Thimble of Win (with an additional Mugful of Meh).




Feb 27, 2018

This week, you're going to have to watch your backs... they have eyes everywhere. We've gone too far down the rabbit hole, and it's everywhere - the Moon, Abbey Road, all the way to the White House (Thanks Obama). I'm telling you, they've got body doubles, replacement band members, ghost writers, the whole nine yards. You've got to get the news out while you can!



Careful though - someone might be listening...

Feb 13, 2018

This episode, your favourite hopeless romantics travel through time and space, via war zones, alternate realities, and all points in between to bring you our favourite examples of couples and love in Pop Culture.

Plus in our Thimble of Win, Chani raises hell, Cav goes to war and commits sin, an Mike is searching for a soothing balm. \

Get your smooch on people!




Jan 20, 2018

This week, it's the second half or our review of 2017, where we look further at our favourite pop-culture moments of the year.

Jan 11, 2018

This week, we give you the first half of our review of 2017.

We give you our favourite Geek moments from last year, covering our usual bases of Games, Film, TV, and anything else we can come up with. It's a long one, and part two will be with you shortly.


We'll be looking to have a more regular schedule over the next year, and will hopefully be launching some new ways in which you can interact with the podcast.


Which, being people of taste and discernment, you will be only to ready to take advantage of.

Dec 30, 2017

This week, we look at Space Operas, and give praise/a good kicking to several notable examples of the genre, taking in Film, TV, Books and Games. We journey form Epsilon 3 to Mongo, from the Systems Commonwealth to the moons of Jupiter, all the while dispensing our verdicts without mercy.

We're not including Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who - they get enough coverage already, not least from us. So sit back and take in our thoughts on the Genre.

Plus you can hear Cav rant, Chani gush excitedly at joining 2016, and Mike crack inappropriate jokes at every available opportunity.


Thimble of Win Links:

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Peter Duncan in Flash Gordon:


Thumbnail image credit: © Chris Foss

Dec 16, 2017


Bada baam!

Bada bam bam bam bam bam bam, bam bam bam bam bam bam, bam bam bam bam bam bam, baaam

ba ba ba....Baaa Baaa ba ba ba BAAA baa, ba ba ba BAAA baa,ba ba ba BAAA...

This episode, Mike and Cav get together to give you their review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So naturally, there are a lot of spoilers. We talk at length about the key moments of the film, its many narrative arcs, and where this leaves the future of the Star Wars universe.

If you haven't seen the film yet, then wait until you have to listen to this episode.






Dec 2, 2017

We're back once again with our hiatus review. This time, we're talking about the best in TV and film from while we were away galavanting (in the case of at least one of our number, getting married).

We take a look at Stranger Things, Star Trek: Discovery and Game of Thrones (with honourable mentions for The Defenders, and The Tick). We also rave about Baby Driver, have a good hard look at Blade Runner 2049, Thor: Ragnarok, Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales, and Spiderman: Homecoming. Yes - all of the colons!


And Chani losing her shit about Littlefinger.




Nov 20, 2017

Well hello again. Did you miss us?


Once again, it's time to welcome back your three favourite Geek Vacationers, as we pass around the novelty donkeys, and break out the slide show while Uncle Marmaduke passes out in the corner after one too many brandies...


In this episode, we'll be looking at Chani and Cav's exploits, as we hear all about their adventures in the world of conventions. Chani dazzles us with her best Hollywood Smile as she regales us with tales of hobnobbing with the stars of VidCon, and give us the lowdown on PaxAus. Cav reviews Wolfenstein II: The New Collosus, and we almost kill Chani with fictional wrestlers. There's a monkey cat, teeth brushing in games, and shouting at a boy called Jason.


All you could possibly want, really.



Chani at VicCon:


Other Links:



Jul 23, 2017

This week, your favourite Geek Marines load up their hardware and go searching for Xenomorphs on the USCSS There Will Be Geek. We talk about the Alien Saga from its humble beginnings in Dark Star to the latest offering in Alien: Covenant. We talk about the successes, the qualified successes, the critical failures and the baffling decisions that have followed the story as it progressed.


Plus, in our Thimble of Win, we talk mini-gaming, world building and Rafa Benitez.


Thimble of Win links:


Jun 18, 2017

"Take three Geeks. Go to Mike's. Record the podcast, grab coats, go to The Reverence*, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.

How's that for a slice of fried gold?"

This week, Cav, Mike and Chani are sampling Three Flavours Cornetto as we look over Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End. We look at extended adolescence, friendship, and bromance, and we give our take on the writngs of Pegg, the performance of Frost and the direction of Wright.


Plus we play Tetris, read some comics, and ask "What's on the end of the stick, Vic?"

You wouldn't let it lie!

Thimble of Win Links:



*The Reverence Hotel in no way endorses this message. It's just a really nice pub in Footscray. You should go there. They do Mexican food.


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